Cities and village


Rougemont, pleasant town of Burgundy-Franche-Comté (French region).

Rougemont is a market town with a little more than 1000 inhabitants, located at the border of Haute-Saône (a department of Burgundy-Franche-Comté). There, you’ll find our tourist office, in the same building as the city hall and the museum of geology and palaeontology. This market town is labelled “Cité de Caractère de Bourgogne Franche-Comté” (city of character of Burgundy-Franche-comté). Walk around this former wine-grower’s city to go on picturesque walks to discover its history via old quarters.

Come admire formers covered markets, the impluvium washing place, houses full of character as well as the quarter of “the citadel”, from where you can dominate the whole valley.

Pays de Clerval

On foot, discover freely and at your own pace the walking trail of “la Chapelle du reposoir”, which is 7km long departing from a place called “la place du gravier”. Take former Bâle’s road and cross a pleasant undergrowth to reach an amazing panorama of the valley of the Doubs. When you go back, you can pass by the city “Pays de Clerval” and stroll by appreciating 19th century houses, towers and vaults of this formerly strengthened village.


L’Isle-sur-le-Doubs, which name comes from the fact that the island is on the Doubs (a French river). Indeed, where the city is located the river gives form to a series of island. On the main one, there is the city hall, the church and formerly the castle along with the head office of the powerful industry Japy both disappeared today. You can discover the industrial history of this city thanks to trails situated behind the city hall. You can have information about what you want at the tourist office.

Our villages and theirs remarkable heritage: fountains, washing places…

Head out to discover those buildings which has an important place in every day’s life in the 19th century and are testimonies of the past of our villages. Impluvium washing places, fountains with columns, ponds with or without pedestal, decorated with sculptures, all different but all to discover.