Montby medieval castle in Gondenans-Montby

The association “les amis de Montby” which is in charge of the protection, the restoration, the animation and the promotion of the castle invite you to visit it during its restoration, on appointment calling at +33(0)

Since December 2009, it is registred in “l’inventaire supplémentaire des monuments historiques” (a register for historic monuments). The oldest walls of the castle dates back to the Middle Ages. Its location allows to control one of the passageways which link the valley of the Doubs and the Ognon one. This castle was took, plundered and set on fire several times and then became a house of farm. It suffered big damages during the 1870 Franco-Russian war. Nevertheless, it keeps an inalienable wealth: a wonderful view of the valley and the Lomont mountain range. Demonstrations, of which the medieval party, take place punctually on the site.

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